It Will Find You Gameplay

In this video we take a look at some It Will Find You gameplay on PC. This video is just a short walkthrough to let you see how the game plays.

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It Will Find You Game

Title: It Will Find You
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Mega Sloth Studios
Publisher: MegaSloth
Franchise: Captive Audience
Release Date: 18 Oct, 2019

It Will Find You is a first person narrative driven horror experience, utilising a reactive narrative system that alters the story’s flow based on player actions.

With a focus on environmental interaction and progressive narrative through game-play. It Will Find You aims to provide an immersive experience where the world evolves in tandem with your decisions, and a dark, twisting narrative is slowly revealed through fully voice acted dialogue.

It Will Find You follows Julia, a woman struggling with depression after tragedy has caused her life to fall apart. Needing some time away from the world, she returns to her now empty family home, seeking solace in her childhood.

Arriving amidst a terrible storm, Julia quickly realises she is not alone, as a horrific entity stalks the once beautiful woodlands surrounding her family estate.

Under the deafening roar of the raging storm, Julia will have to fight for survival against the creature, while plagued by horrific visions that make her question her own reality.

With the climax, the curtain will be drawn back revealing a shocking conclusion that turns the game upon its head, in a shocking conclusion, you won’t see coming.

It Will Find You Gameplay

Build around a Master Event System, It Will Find You’s dynamic narrative shifts in real time to match the players in game decisions, altering dialogue, AI behaviour, and narrative events.

With 8 different endings available in It Will Find You. Players will have to delve deep into Dellich Grove and uncover the Mysteries of Julia’s home, discovering dark secrets, and revealing shocking truths.

It Will Find You is a promise, not just a title. Julia is not alone in the woods, and the creature stalking her will not rest until it has claimed her life. Players will have to run, hide and defend themselves from the creature’s onslaught, ultimately escaping, or becoming its next meal.

It Will Find You is a fully voice acted experience narrated by professional actors from across the world. A lot of time was spent ensuring we found the best people for each role, recording them in a professional grade sound studio and then mixing them into our world to make the experience more immersive.

The world of It Will Find is a dark and foreboding place, using dynamic, volumetric lighting and detailed environments to create an oppressive sense of isolation. From the shadowy forest to the warmth of Julia’s family home, each setting is brought to life in Unity to create an immersive, engaging experience.

In It Will Find You almost every object in the game is fully interact-able, with Julia able to pick up, rotate and investigate objects in the world around her. Players will need to use these skills to solve puzzles, find hidden clues, and ultimately escape.

It Will Find You Gameplay
It Will Find You Gameplay

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